Teeth Whitening

Patient’s Guide for Teeth Whitening


Ever since Eve flashed Adam her first grin & sent him into ecstatic rhapsody, human beings have been concerned about their smiles. In simple words : who do not want a bright, white, radiant smile that lightens up the whole face? Dental surveys show that 80% of people would like to have whiter teeth. Dark, stained or discolored teeth can be a source of great embarrassment to many. It can often prevent you from smiling widely or even talking confidently. Sometimes it may create obstacles in your professional life. Today you no longer need to accept this aesthetic barrier. You can opt for a highly popular & successful treatment to whiten your teeth: - Scaling, Polishing & Bleaching.


When do we need Teeth Whitening?

1) In case of discoloration & Stained of teeth, which may be due to :
• Smoking or Tobacco use.
• Excessive intake of Tea, Coffee, Colas or Wine.
• Certain medicines such Tetracycline, or Iron supplements may cause permanent teeth staining.
• Prolonged intake of Impure(Fluoridated) water.
• Age can cause natural darkening of teeth.


2) Bleaching is usually also suggested when you are unsatisfied with your natural tooth shade & desires a relatively Lighter & Whiter & Brighter Teeth Colour.


What is the procedure?


Usually we start the treatment with Scaling & Polishing.

SCALING: It generally takes 1-2 appointments in which your Dentist cleans the external surface of teeth with the an Ultrasonic Machine.

POLISHING: In the next sitting your teeth will be polished with a special Dental Polish, to give a brilliant shine to your teeth. The above two procedures will remove all the external stain & spots from your teeth & will expose out the actual natural colour of your teeth. At this stage if you won’t be satisfied with your natural colour & require further whitening or the Stains are with in the teeth(Internal stains), you will be recommended for BLEACHING.

HOME BLEACHING: Dental bleaching is a procedure whereby certain medicines are applied on to the teeth overnight for few days. These medicines leach into the teeth & lighten the colour by removing stains from within the inside of the teeth. This procedure requires a special tray to deliver medicine to the tooth surface, which will be constructed by your dentist, according to your teeth size After few days you will start noticing an appreciable change in your teeth colour.

IN-OFFICE BLEACHING: An alternative of home bleaching for patients with scarcity of time is In-Office Bleaching Procedure. In this process certain medicines are applied on to the discloured of the patients which is activated with specialized optically active machines. Therby similiar bright and white results can be achieved wtih in few minutes. However as compare to home bleaching this procedure may weigh heavy on the pocket.