Root Canal Treatment

When do we need R.C.T ?

Root Canal Treatment is needed when nerves & Blood Vessels inside the tooth are irreversibly damaged, for example in following cases:

• Very Deep & infected Cavity/Fillings with in the tooth.
• A fractured tooth.
• Tooth damaged by accident or trauma.
• Tooth which is to be used as an abutment (Support) for the bridge while replacing the missing teeth.
• Tooth sensitive to hot & cold food stuff that cannot be cured by local medicinal therapy.

• Tooth that is associated with recurrent Puss formation.

• Tooth that causes regular throbbing pain or may be painful to chew on.


What will You do to my tooth ?

A root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort. The tooth is anaesthetized & dentist will drill in to your teeth to reach the nerve chamber. Once entered the nerve chamber he will remove all the infected nerves & blood vessels out of the roots of tooth and fill them with sterile, inert material.


How many appoinmtemnts will it take?


When done manually/with hand a complete RCT procedure usually takes about 3-4 sittings. However we at Lal Dental Clinic perform this procedure with highly specified machines and materials such as Dentsply Endomotor, Gear reduction hand piece, Protaper Files & Imported Apex sealers. This enables us to accomplish the RCT procedure in as short period as single sitting.


What happens after Treatment ?

After inside of your tooth has been treated, the out side will be restored to let your tooth function properly and to give a healthy appearance. Usually a Crown (Cap) is suggested on to the treated tooth for exact restoration of function & appearance and for the longevity of the tooth structure. After all, your teeth should last you a life time. Take Care of your treated tooth the same way you would your other teeth.