What is orthodontics??
Orthodontics is that branch of Dentistry in which crooked, zig-zagged, irregular, protrude out and jut out teeth are corrected with the help of various fixed and/or removable appliances, so that your smile looks better.


Why should I get Braces treatment done?
Beautification, confidence & Presentation are the three important pillars of success for every youth today. A sparkling bright & a broad smile is that indispensable part of your personality which shows your inside confidence & capabilities without saying even a single word .The last but not the least reason to receive braces treatment is everlasting desire of human being to look beautiful. Besides this there are several reasons listed below, which can answer you, why to get orthodontic treatment.

1. As it is a well known fact that obesity(fatness) is a disease but still people laugh on fat people. Likewise people with irregular & jut out teeth are often laughed at or commented either in front or at back.

2. It becomes impossible to clean irregular & crooked teeth properly, as the result of which gums get infected and after some times teeth become loose & eventually they shed off

3. Irregular teeth also cause impaired speech. These patients often are unable to pronounce some words clearly, particularly those starting from letter ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘P’, and ‘M’

4. In some cases due to irregular teeth, patients are unable to chew their food properly which may lead to many gastric & digestive problems.

5. These patients are more prone to associated diseases such as tonsillitis and sinusitis


Is this treatment is costly & lengthy?
With the incorporation of latest techniques & procedures to our practice, both the cost & duration of the treatment has been cut down to very short. Actually both the cost as well as duration varies according to patients. Where as some cases get completed within a month, other may stretch over a period of 2 to 2.5 years. Similarly, charges may vary from Rs. 10,000/- for minor corrections to Rs. 40,000/- for the correction of severe irregularities.


Is orthodontic treatment not very expensive?
Orthodontic treatment costs little more because the treatment goes on for a few years. There are certain expenses incurred to maintain a high level of sterilization of equipment and asepsis of the clinic. The appliances used are expensive. More over few thousands spent over along period of 1 to 2 years costs nothing if seen as per month costing, which would be around few hundreds per month actually, when calculated. The fees are professional charges for the knowledge, experience and skill of the orthodontist. Thus some amount is spent for the patient himself/herself. Considering the long term, positive, physical and psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment whatever spent on orthodontic treatment should be considered as a sound investment.


What is the right age of braces?
Usually the age between 7-14 years is considered best for the orthodontic treatment, because of maximum growth rate of jaw & skull bones. However if Dentist is consulted at an earlier age, it might be possible to avoid fixed braces at all. So the best time to get orthodontic treatment is when you see this problem or anticipate it.


Is this treatment is only for children & adolescents ?
20-25% of patients having fixed braces from our clinic are adults. Most of the people could not get proper braces treatment at their youth either due to the unawareness of their parents or other financial reasons. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment, provided that the teeth, gums & jaw bones are in healthy state and patient is free from other systemic disorders such as diabetes & arthritis.


Braces make the teeth loose, weak & mobile.
This is an absolute misconception, rather after reaching in their perfectly apt position they become stronger, load bearing & long lasting.


This treatment always require tooth removals?
It is not necessary to extract teeth in all cases, particularly if treatment is started at an early stage . Except some cases, majority of patients are treated without loosing any tooth.


Braces are too ugly too look at?
Not at all, after all they are the one, which are beautifying your smile. The conventional braces may give a steel look to your teeth for the time the treatment is carried on. However latest, tooth colored Ceramic Brackets cost slightly more but are almost invisible.


After removal of braces teeth again get jumble up?
The period between 6 to 9 months after the removal of fixed braces is very crucial for determining the success of the treatment & all the hard work done by your dentist on your teeth. If in this period retention plates given by the doctor are regularly & properly used , teeth will never dis-align again.